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JLC: Find You Niche, Learn What You're Good At

John Lloyd Cruz: “Find your niche, learn what you are good at, and develop it! ”
by: Tinna S. Bonifacio, Celebrity Profile
Philip Salvador, his co-star in Maging Sino Ka Man , called him “a brilliant actor; one of the best of his generation”. Intense and brooding, but immensely talented—that is John Lloyd Cruz. The 2007 Star Awards Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role as Gabriel ‘Eli’ Roxas in Maging Sino Ka Man has trod a long and difficult path to fame, and it’s only now that his sacrifices have finally started to pay off.
Getting his first break in ABS-CBN’s youth-oriented shows like Tabing Ilog , and graduating to more demanding dramatic parts like that of hotshot young lawyer Yuri Orbida in Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay (where his love team with Bea Alonzo was born), John Lloyd’s career is a lesson in patience and a living embodiment of the saying that “The best things come to those who wait.”
Here, John Lloyd shares the words he lives by and the secrets of his success.
You have been an actor for so long, playing many different roles. What is the most difficult thing about your job?
Ang pinakamahirap is that as an actor, you deal with emotions. Sometimes those emotions are very heavy, and it’s hard to let go even after you leave the set. Kaya siguro minsan napapagkamalan akong suplado ng mga tao . What they don’t realize is imposible talagang di ka maapektuhan ng role, lalo na kapag mabigat na drama .

Do you sometimes feel that you’re misunderstood by people because of your job?
I get that a lot. Di ba nga, meron silang tinatawag na ‘John Lloyd mood’? When I’m on the set and I’m internalizing a role, there are times na hindi ako makausap . I take my work seriously.

Is that really part of your work as an actor?
I guess. It comes with the territory. It might sound like nagsusuplado na naman ako, but I don’t expect everyone to like me, or to understand the way I do things.
Where does your motivation for your work come from?
One thing’s for sure: I don’t work for the awards. The acting awards are just a bonus. If people recognize your craft, that’s the main thing. Pero hindi awards ang dahilan kung bakit ka nagtra-trabaho . It should never be the case, otherwise you lose sight of the real reason for being here.
Your meteoric rise in the last few years has people calling you a big threat to the career of many of your fellow ABS-CBN talents, notably Piolo Pascual. How do you feel about that?
I’m just big; I’m not a threat. (Laughs). In all honesty, malayo pa ako sa naabot ni Piolo. He’s done a concert at Araneta Coliseum; I haven’t. I can’t even sing or dance. And seriously, mataas ang respeto ko kay Piolo, both as an actor and as a person. I don’t see myself as being in competition with him.
You have successfully established your own identity as an actor, apart from Piolo. How did you do that? What would you say is the secret of your success?
I think that what it boils down to is realizing and accepting what you can and can’t do. Piolo can sing; I can’t. But I can act. It’s important to find your niche, learn what you’re good at, and develop that.
Who are the people who have helped you succeed in your career?
A lot. Wala naman kasing perpektong artista. There is always something to learn from every person that you work with. Like in Maging Sino Ka Man , I’m privileged to work with really great actors like Tito Ipe (Philip Salvador) and Tito Boyet (Christopher de Leon). Ang dami kong nakukuha sa kanila bilang artista at bilang tao . And I always value what I learn from them. Sometimes, I even learn just by observing them at work.
What advice would you give to those wanting to follow your footsteps in this business?
You have to have a conscious desire to keep wanting to be better. That’s why I never see myself as being in competition with other actors; I’m in competition with myself. Each day, you have to want to better yourself. That’s the only way to succeed.

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by Ronna Capili
StarStudio Magazine, Nov. 2007

John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo take on mature roles for their upcoming movie

Two of Philippine television's biggest young actors and arguably the hottest onscreen tandem are set to release their newest movie, and viewers just can't seem to get enought of their chemistry. John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have admirably managed to keep both their real and reel life love interests thriving, and six years later, fans are still asking for more. This time around, however, Lloydy and Bea have taken on more mature roles for the movie One More Chance.

Years go by

After four teleseryes and four movies, Cathy Garcia Molina, the upcoming movie's director says, "What will make the audience watch them this time?" In the glitzy world of show business where transition from tweetums roles to more serious ones is a mkae-or-break event, Direk gives a bit of a teaser: "Hindi na pwede 'Boy-Meets-Girl' type of movie because everyone knows their story and mature na sila." And mature, they are. Bea just turned 20 last month, while Lloydy is now 24.

Loving you

In their teleserye Maging Sino Ka Man, the two actors had a love scene, but it was only implied. "TV is restricted, and film shows what television cannot," says the Direk Cathy who also helmed You Got Me and You are The One. One More Chance follows the relationship of Basha (Bea) and Popoy (John Lloyd) who start out as college sweethearts until they become stable professionals. When asked about how the actors were prepared for the role she says, "Kinailangan maging mas matapang and mas daring (si John Lloyd and Bea)," and quickly adds, "They were supportive (of the film)."

Molina also directed John Lloyd and Bea for their movie, Close To You, and she shares that it was the mutual trust and respect for each other that got the two to take on more mature roles. "I assured them na we will do it in the best way, na hindi malaswa or nakakahiya, and that scene is needed."

Two by two

Close to You was released two years ago and Direk Cathy says that Bea and John Lloyd's rapport is now different. "Iba na yung comfortability nila." She even says that their "friendship went a step higher. I'd say probably two to three steps higher." Could it culminate into a real romantic relationship? Perhaps that should be left to destiny and where it will take them. For now, we can expect that the movie will "give character, but even in story and structure." And for now, we can get our kilig doses of Lloydy and Bea on screen.

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